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Kathy Ireland Reveals Jesus Is Most Important Relationship In Her Life
The supermodel Kathy Ireland is opening up about her strong Christian faith, going so far as to say that
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NFL Star Aaron Rodgers Believes UFO Sightings Are to Distract From Bombshell Release Of “Epstein Client List”
Foυɾ-time NFL MVP Aɑɾon Rodցeɾs belieѵes the news sυɾɾoυndinց UFOs is meɑnt to seɾѵe ɑs ɑ distɾɑction
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Girl Rejected By 20 Families Finally Gets Adopted By This Single Dad.
In Italy, 41-year-old Luc Trapanese always wanted to be a father. Even when he and his partner split
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Nuns Participate in a Popular Dance Competition…Look what they did(video)
The Soli Sisters are a Canadian group from Ontario.   When these nuns aren’t providing care for
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This baby was born with a unique birthmark and here is how he looks after 6 years…
The protagonist of this lovely story is a young child who was born with a special mark to show his connection to love.
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Following the announcement of his retirement, Tom Brady poses with his ex-wife Bridget Moynahan and their son…
Tom Brady made a significant statement on Wednesday, when he declared that he would retire from football.
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14-Year-Old Gets QUICKEST Chair Turn On ‘The Voice’
“Jade De Rijcke, a 14-year-old singer, wowed the judges on ‘The Voice Kids Belgium’ before going on to
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77-year-old school janitor who never had a birthday party hears her name over the loudspeaker
Frances Buzzard performed her normal duties as an ordinary janitor. She always polished furniture until
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During the concert, Pink saw a poster in the crowd of fans and stopped the performance: everyone was crying
Last week, the famous singer Pink flew to Australia to play some concerts there. During one of her performances
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Shy man who can hardly say his name steps onstage, shocks everyone in the room with his voice
Christopher Maloney was always too shy to perform in public, but he finally does it on X-Factor UK.
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A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.
She is only 11 years old! A couple of notes – and the judges jumped from their seats! 11-year-old Serena
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What the grown-up children of one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, Julia Roberts, look like
our beloved pretty woman Julia Roberts is a popular, talented, and beautiful Hollywood actress.