“Unique Brotherhood”: Chris Evans’ Brother Talks About Their Relationship

“He is still my best friend!”

The strong bond between Scott Evans and his older brother Chris Evans remains unbreakable, as revealed in an interview with Jujubee for Attitude magazine. Scott, 39, spoke about their unique relationship and how they have been each other’s closest friends since childhood and even into adulthood. He emphasized that Chris, 42, known for his role as Captain America, is still his best friend and that their bond is incredibly special.

Scott expressed that the relationship between brothers can be distinct, feeling more like a best friend rather than an obligation to love someone simply because they are family. He mentioned how they used to share their problems with each other, and now even as Captain America, Chris still seeks his advice, which Scott finds endearing.

During the interview, Jujubee brought up an interview from 2009 in which Chris appeared to out Scott as gay for the first time. Scott recalled his reaction to the incident, stating that he had already been out for a while and wasn’t upset by it. He mentioned that his brother had called him after seeing the headlines, apologizing if he had overstepped any boundaries.

Scott clarified that he had made the decision to be open about his sexuality as he had been working as an actor, including on a soap opera. He acknowledged that while progress has been made, being openly LGBTQ+ in the industry still has its challenges, with some individuals choosing to stay closeted due to concerns about their careers.

Scott affirmed that he has nothing to hide and that anyone who meets him in person would know about his identity. In addition to the interview, it was revealed that Scott is among the actors portraying different versions of Ken in the upcoming Barbie movie set to release in theaters on July 21.

The interview showcases the close bond and mutual support between Scott and Chris Evans, highlighting their enduring friendship and the importance of being true to oneself.

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“Unique Brotherhood”: Chris Evans’ Brother Talks About Their Relationship
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