Identical twins were born 7 years ago. What do triplets look like raised by the same mother?

adorable kids were born in 2015. By that time, a three-year-old daughter was growing up in the family, and from the news that soon there would be four children, the mother almost lost her speechlessness. The fact that she wears absolutely identical boys from the point of view of genetics surprised the specialists who were engaged in the British.

They wrote that a case like hers is one in 200 million! That is why it has so delighted the whole world.

As the young mother said, at first she was even lost: she did not know how to distinguish between sons. I would probably panic too) After all, they were exactly the same! Roman, Roan and Rocco became a kind of sensation: they were written about, filmed on TV shows, photographed for women’s magazines.

Seeing such interest in her family, my mother was not at a loss and immediately created a “mom” blog, where she posted photos of her growing sons. At first she did it for free, so to speak, and then she began to advertise children’s clothes, food, toys, receiving money from various brands for this.

Mom told how her three miracles grow, how their characters change, what they began to get involved in as they grew up. The twins grew up and parents could already distinguish them. One of the sons is just a born commander who has to control everything. The other has a softer character, the boy is very reasonable: before saying something, he will think a hundred times. Well, the third cannot sit still, he, like a perpetual motion machine, must do something without a break.

Parents assure that they love all children – both twins and older sister – in exactly the same way, but the kids simply adore the girl who is trusted with their secrets.

I got the impression that this is a very friendly family in which everyone stands up for each other with a mountain. Parents properly raise children who grow up in love and care.

In the photographs, the guys are always dressed in the same suits: all the outfits are provided to them by children’s brands. Mom says that while the children are small, she chose this path – none of the sons should feel deprived of anything. They will not quarrel, and she also sees a kind of unity in this, so 3 sets of trousers, T-shirts, sneakers are immediately recruited.

Some of their subscribers think that this is extremely boring, but mommy is not going to change her mind yet. Well, toys, respectively, are also bought in three sets.

I looked at the photo and you know what – the guys are absolutely the same, and then there are the same outfits. How they are distinguished is not clear!

Relatively recently, it turned out that the father of the twins could not stand the difficulties and left the family. The woman hid this fact from everyone, but once let slip that her husband was not ready for the appearance of three cute little ones and decided to live separately. Well, then I realized that without children’s screams and laughter, he would live much calmer. His wife says that she no longer holds a grudge against her husband and is grateful to him for wonderful sons.

Why do men act like this? No matter how much I read the news, in 90 percent everything ends up like this – the mother pulls the children, and the folder is free from all problems. It’s good that the mother of twins has a sister who helps her with the kids.

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Identical twins were born 7 years ago. What do triplets look like raised by the same mother?
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